The dangers of Craigslist….  I’ve always loved 1960s-era small European cars; back in the late 1980s I restored a ’66 Beetle that a little old man in B’ham, AL sold me for a song.  When I went off to graduate school in the mid-1990s, however, I felt I need something that would stand up to a lot of interstate miles and so I sold the car.  Always regretted it.

A couple of weeks ago I found this 1968 model 96 at the St. Louis Craiglist site and had to have it.  I believe I became mildly insane.  Olof’s in a poor state: considerable rust; a missing clutch cable; weepy water-pump; and all kinds of odd electrical cobbling.  The interior’s not a pleasant place to be, although a squirrel seems to have enjoyed it for a few years.




I’m going to resurrect this 45-year old Swede.  Tell me I can do it.


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